Bid-Build Services

If you’re looking contract separate partners for the design and construction of your project, Alexander & Bebout can step in as your trusted builder. Our experience enables us to properly scope your project needs and provide you with accurate bids for your new facility. 

We’re very familiar with the three-stage process of design, bid and construction, and can easily integrate into your existing team. We’re experienced, nimble and can shift to fill the needs of your exact project requirements. 

As a Butler Builder®, we provide our clients with access to affordable and quality materials. Our focus on value, but familiarity and experience with project ownership, makes us a great choice for your next build. With the Alexander & Bebout team, you can build your facility with experience, confidence and quality!

The Design-Bid-Build
Approach and Process

Bid-Build construction is a traditional method of delivery or process leveraged to build your facility. In this role Alexander & Bebout serves as either your design team or your general contractor. 

Bid-build has a few different names: Design–bid–build, Design–tender, traditional method or hardbid – no matter your preferred name for the process, this method of project execution is where you (the owner) contracts with individual entities for your design and construction. 

By leveraging the bid-build methodology, Alexander & Bebout completes your project in phases. Completing each phase fully before beginning the next phase of your project. Regardless of the method in which you prefer your project be delivered, our goal at Alexander & Bebout remains the same. We work as a team to ensure your project delivers on-time and on-budget.

Our Design-Bid-Build

By leveraging Alexander & Bebout’s design-bid-build services, you can count on us to be impartial. Our team has your best interest at hand.

We will always serve and identify potential oversights, outline and define clear roles and responsibilities, share linear timelines and provide competitive bids to lower overall construction costs. 

You can trust us to make the best decisions for your business, provide honest updates, and solve any issues on your behalf.

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