Structural Engineering

Alexander & Bebout offers in-house structural engineer services on all of our design-build construction projects. We provide structural engineering services using our professional and innovative in-house engineers for commercial projects around Northwest Ohio. 

Together, our in-house engineer and design team create a building layout that meets your expectations for the project. Then based on those initial layouts, our structural engineer calculates building loads (think wind, snow and even additional levels/add-ons in the future), fits the structure to the architecture and then determines what structural systems make the most sense for your facility. 

Our engineer also is involved with demolition or deconstruction projects as well as inspections of our builds to ensure every facility is being properly constructed and according to plan. Additionally, our engineer is responsible for submission of plans for approvals and permitting. Safety is a key component of engineering – registered and licensed, our engineer team has met and passed all state required examinations and courses. 

An additional benefit to this role being in-house at Alexander & Bebout, is that if any adjustments need to be made to your job, these are discussed collaboratively to ensure they fit your project timeline, budget and material availability. With direct access, we’re able to move quickly and communicate any decisions as a team while also considering impacts on the project overall. 

Build your facility with experience, confidence and quality! Alexander & Bebout, Inc. is Northwest Ohio’s premiere design-build general contractor! We’re unique in that we have in-house engineering and design capabilities and an extremely experienced, service focused construction team. That means you’ll have a single source for all service! 

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