Demolition Services

Alexander & Bebout offers interior and exterior demolition services for our clients in Northwest Ohio. Designed for complete, end-to-end solutions, our services can also be leveraged for selective demolition or deconstruction. 

Whether you have building demolition, structural demolition or selective demolition needs, with our team you can count on safe removal of walls, buildings and structures from your site.

Building & Structural Demolition

Our building demolition services include commercial and industrial services – no matter the size.

Structural demolition services provided by Alexander & Bebout includes demolition of water tanks, communication towers, bridges and stacks. With Alexander & Bebout, we demolish or dismantle your existing structure or building to make way for new construction.

Selective Demolition

Our selective demolition services include exteriors, selective interiors and load bearing walls. Typically, our clients leverage selective demolition when the structure has “good bones” (sound structure and electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems are in working order). This process allows you to repurpose a facility to fit your business needs – reducing cost and waste.

We pride ourselves on approaching demolition like all other projects – starting with attention to detail, safety, budget, and schedule. We analyze and prepare structures for the desired demolition or deconstruction. We take into consideration your active operations and any additional structures. That means while demolition is underway, we’re working to contain mess and minimize the impact on the day-to-day for your business and your clients.

We utilize the most skilled tradespeople, and maintain safe site conditions to ensure your project timeline is met. Our demolition experts here at Alexander & Bebout are able to support large and small projects – ranging from commercial and industrial to agricultural and medical. 

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